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Welcame in Things To Do in Sardinia!

You have made the right decision and now please throw away your classic guide of Sardinia and take a look at our site! Magic places and Adventures wait for you!

In our site you will find the most spectacular places to visit in Sardinia! Differently from many guides wrote by temporary travellers you’ll find online, our experiences are collected from guides who live all year round in Sardinia and then know the territory like no other! Our island is as beautiful as wild, for this travel is not easy! Know the most amazing and less touristy places it's almost impossible for anyone who does not live there all year. Things to do in Sardinia has the duty to see you unique and special experiences!

Our site is mainly divided into three large sections that include all the tours that a traveler can’t afford to miss! The three sections are: Adventure, Magic Places, Beaches. The Adventure section contains the most adrenaline experience that you can live here in Sardinia! We are talking about Canyoning, Hiking, Vie Ferrate and Trekking! ‘Magic Places’ are activities such as tours from the most beautiful museums of the island to the most interesting archaeological sites but also special tips such as 'where to get a drink'. 'Beaches' section instead contains a list of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia but do not expect to find the usual boring names, here we are talking of the beaches that only the Sardinians know!


Wow! A picture from Via Ferrata Cabirol in Capo Caccia, an incredible adventure! Take a look on the section to discover Trekking, Canyoning and Mountaineerig daily activities..


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Magic Places

It's Amazing! Free Ancient Thermal Baths used by Romans in the middle of nowhere.. Check 'Magic Places' to discover others incredibile and unique experiences in Sardinia!


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Are you still searching a wild, hidden, amazing beach in Sardinia? You have to discover the 'Beach of the Doctor' and a lot of more beaches in the island that await for you!


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Map Section

The other key page that you can find on Things To Do In Sardinia is definitely the Map section! It seems like a dream, you can finally travel across Sardinia without missing! You'll have the exact coordinates of points of interest... Incredible! At least we remind you that we are guides! So if you want to enrich your travel experience please contac us an be sure that we will organize you the 'perfect holiday'!

Enjoy navigation and discover Things To Do In Sardinia!